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I must say that I think that Kingston escorts in are the hottest babes in town, says Joe, who loves dating escorts wherever he goes. Dating escorts has sort of become a passion of mine continues Joe, and I have sort of become a connoisseur of escorts. Lots of chaps that I speak to […]

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What happened to all of the posh girls I used to date in Mayfair? I just keep coming across cheap tarts at the moment. There used to be a lot of top class Mayfair escorts like, but for some reason a lot of them seem to have been replaced with cheap imported talent. All […]

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Croydon Escorts

Sex shops used to be a popular feature of town centers but now more and more of them are beginning to disappear. Sadly, so are many other shops on the high street. Many escorts still feel that the high street, or town center, sex shop still has a place to serve in the community, and […]


The Asian continent is known to home many drop down dead gorgeous women, long desired for their exquisite beauty that any man out there would literally long and crave for. In fact, their soft, sexy and doll like features make them produce some of the best escorts in London and porn stars. Indeed, a glimpse […]

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Anjali Kara is a porn star from India, as well as a co-owner and performer of Killergram, Porn static, and Adult Studios. She is a Pisces and was born on February 23, 1982. She is a petite, pornographic actress of Indian decent and the only body piercing she has is in her navel. She is […]